The internet is full of junk that does little good, and no longer relies upon common sense. This site is a compilation of a few answers I have found along the way to deeper questions not easily answered.

This site is for those who are seeking a bit of peace, some acceptance and maybe a bit of control over your life. This is a bit paradoxical as we can’t really control the world around us. All we can do is gain mastery over ourselves, and let the world decide if it wants us as we are.

This site works best for people who believe all of us, all our religions, all our faiths and beliefs are same and equal deep down. Whether you follow no religion (but are on a path of spiritual consciousness) or believe a religious path suits you better, you will find some resonance with the content on this site. All our religious books are practical life guides and are not intended to frighten us into worship of the supernatural.

Half-knowledge of one religion that helps you is better than becoming a scholar who is obsessed with blindly following principles of any one religion (while ignoring all other knowledge and religions). Just like college, each chapter of our life is best covered by one particular textbook (or religious scripture or blog or website or teacher). This site comprises practical spirituality that bridges all the knowledge we already have (non-religious and religious), to help us find ourselves, our deepest inner truth, and thereby help us find peace and joy in our lives.