Reflections on Change

Change is good, for without change there can be no progress,

Yet at no point should we get attached to changing.

Change because you need to move towards something,

Never because you are running away from something.

In time, you will realize you are changing towards realizing the changeless nature of your self.

When you are no longer changing, when you have achieved your deepest self,

You have true choice- for a person who changes is compelled, a person who is changeless…chooses what he needs to be for that day.

When you achieve changelessness, you choose the food you need,

And thereby no longer need to escape from food by dieting.

When you are changeless, you choose the relationships you need,

And therefore, you no longer need to run from toxic ones.

Choose your focus,

Rather than eliminating waste.

The changeless person, once having his deepest self, chooses.

A superficial person needs to add or cut away, causing him to suffer.

Change towards your deepest self,

Till you have nothing more to change into.

Desires and compulsions then become replaced by choices.

A need for satisfaction (or release) gets replaced by a need to merely express.

Life then becomes a mere light rental, instead of being a heavy burden.

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