The world is a weird place today

…full of contradictions and dichotomies:

  • We have greater access to education, yet we find educated people spouting ideas that defy common sense. Education is being used to justify actions, than to understand the true nature of things.
  • Technology and healthcare are more prevalent than ever before with cures to diseases hitherto feared. Yet, we find the other extreme of people resorting to alcohol, drugs and anti-depressants to relieve their pain, anxiety, depression and a series of other real and imagined suffering.
  • The more we defend ourselves with the best of weapons, the more advanced counter-attacks seem to become.

What does not work:

  • Choosing a single religion or philosophy as a “guiding path” of sorts- this only divides us, creates conflict and destroys inner peace. If your way is right, it automatically makes everyone else wrong, which is counterproductive.
  • Blocking out the world – drugs, sleep, inactivity, alcohol, burying yourself in academia, you name it. Unless you face the truth, you will never know what the truth is. Seeing half the truth creates divides and fanaticism, like seeing one leg of an elephant and assuming that is what it looks like. See the whole elephant.
  • Destroying parts of yourself – you know…cutting, suicide, self-mutilation, the works. Sure, masochism has its own pleasures – but pain with a plan is called surrendering your ego, pain without a plan is called pointless injury. Pointless sacrifice will neither enlighten you nor give you any secret knowledge, except maybe a temporary high. Doesn’t help.

What works?

In a word, nothing.

  • If I declare XYZ as the true way forward, I will be starting a religion, even if it ends up having two members. The only truth is that there is no truth. The truth shall indeed set you free, once you realize everything is truth, or nothing is.
  • If I say there are no answers, it will end up implying that all thinking or action is useless. Nothing works, so why do anything at all. Doesn’t help either.

What we need today are not answers, but what I call ‘non-answers’, that don’t show you any ‘right way’ but give you the ability to find your own path.